Heirloom Albums

I am kind of cringing when I say that I used to think legacy heirloom albums were overrated and overpriced. I never understood the investment until I held a gorgeous leather album full of my family’s photos and cried. That’s the moment I realized I was doing my clients a complete disservice. My job as a photographer is not just to capture those priceless memories, but to display them so they can tell a story. I want my clients to showcase their images so they can enjoy them for generations.

I have fallen in LOVE with designing beautiful heirloom quality albums for my clients, and they are loving the result as well! The designs are classic and sleek, showcasing your most important people and memories.

And let’s talk about how sturdy these books feel! They feel almost like a children’s board book with a little weight to them. I absolutely love the option for thick pages. Every page feels like a piece of art!

The color and clarity are perfection. I create simple designs that are pleasing to the eye while telling your story.

Each album comes with  a card with instructions for preserving your album. Whether you prefer linen or leather, there are plenty of colors to choose from.


In sizes 4×4, 8×8 and 10×10, there’s a size for every need! The 4×4 albums are so cute!


Whether or not you purchase an album is completely up to you, but it’s an option I am including for all customers! If you need me I’ll just be staring at my family album 🙂

November 4, 2019

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