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Halloween wasn’t really a thing for my family growing up; we lived in a rural area so we never dressed up or went trick or treating. My Mom would take my brother and I to the store to pick out a bag of candy each instead. Thankfully my kids never have to be Halloween deprived because we lived in near plenty of people! It’s so fun talking all month long about what character they’d like to be and planning costumes. Tucker knew he wanted to be Pikachu from the get go. Malachi wanted to be a lizard, and then a dinosaur, until I found a sweet chameleon costume. Micah had such a hard time deciding. She wanted to be a unicorn, a bunny, Daniel Tiger, a princess, and finally she decided on Tinkerbell.

Micah is obsessed with the Neverbeast movie, so when she finally decided on her costume I was not surprised! And yes, shoes on the wrong feet always!

Malachi is the lizard loving man. He was so excited to find a chameleon costume!

Two years in a row Tucker has asked to be Pikachu. He makes a pretty cute one too!

We had the best time trick or treating together, especially when we got caught in a huge downpour and arrived home soaking wet. After we got dry, we dumped all the candy in piles on the floor and let the kids eat their fill. It was so fun seeing which one was their favorite. Micah was most excited about the applesauce pouches, Tucker ate his weight in Reese Cups and Malachi wondered why people didn’t give out Tic Tacs. Making simple memories with these sweet babies is the best thing in the world!

November 1, 2019

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