Bridal Inspiration | Why You Need a Statement Bouquet

I don’t claim to be a floral designer, but I know a beautiful bouquet when I see one! One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is photographing all the pretty little details, especially the bouquet.

A well put together bouquet is a classic way to make a statement. When planning your wedding, remember the power that a bouquet has. It can tie the look of your wedding together because it appears in so many images, just like the boutineers, centerpieces, etc. Florals cane make a bold or subtle statement depending your wedding style. A beautiful bridal bouquet is a great investment because it’ll only ADD to your photos!

I love the classic and lush look of both of these bouquets!

I LOVE the way this bouquet made a huge statement. Our sweet bride, Maddie, wanted a simple, classic look for attire and hair/makeup. The bold pop of color and size of the bouquet helps to contrast the simplicity of her bridal look. The whole ensemble was breathtaking.

Gorgeous florals are definitely an investment! When planning your budget, it may be temping to consider silk flowers as an alternative. You’d probably be surprised to know that silk flowers can be even more expensive than fresh flowers! There’s no way we would be able to photograph a silk bouquet very close because you’d be able to see the threads; it would appear visually fake. We encourage brides to talk with a florist and see what might be in budget – you’d be pleasantly surprised! Consider making the bridesmaids bouquets small and simple; your bridal bouquet will have even more of an effect!

November 8, 2019

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