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Last week Logan and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. It seems like both yesterday and a lightyear ago that we said, “I do” on the beautiful beaches of Corolla, NC. After nine years and three kids, we felt like we wanted to do something really special this year. This story really begins on our honeymoon though.

Rewind nine years to being broke college students running on love and minimum wage. We took a short honeymoon and planned a fine dining meal overlooking the sound. We got dressed up, headed to the restaurant and started walking inside, but the mosquitoes were so bad we never actually made it in. A mosquito flew up my dress and in Logan’s effort to help me, he swatted it and mosquito blood splattered all over my dress. So instead of going through with our dinner plans, we drove back to our condo and ate leftover food from our wedding. Nine years later we both regret not just going inside and enjoy each other’s company over a fancy meal.

In my head, this was going to be the year of redemption, so I asked my cousin (who has wonderful taste in food and is owner of Gateau Monique!) for recommendations. She raved about L’auberge Provencale so I called and made reservations for the evening of our anniversary. I didn’t tell Logan my plans until the day of our anniversary and he was so surprised! Having three small kids makes date nights a rarity so we were both really excited to try something new.

When we drove up to .L’auberge Provencale I knew our anniversary dinner was about to be really special. The property is home to the French American restaurant La Table Provencale, but is also a functioning inn (and supposedly George Washington may have stayed here!). Everything about L’auberge Provencale is beautiful, especially the property. We really enjoyed the front porch and I kept imagining how amazing it would be to enjoy a cup of coffee here!

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Our meal began with these cute little appetizers of fried mushrooms in a delicious bisque. And some fresh baked bread with yummy sea salted butter!

Logan and I LOVE food so this was a really fun experience for us. We both enjoyed the creativity of the dishes and every flavor was on point! Logan’s favorite dish was the veal sweetbreads and mine was a tie between the caramelized onion soup and the pork belly. Everything was seriously incredible,  especially the locally farmed chicken with seasonal veggies (also locally farmed!). We really loved the emphasis on farm to table that they bring to their cooking.

It was such a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy our anniversary dinner. The incredible staff made us feel like royalty, yet giving us space to talk without constant interruptions. It was so nice to just talk over beautiful food, and we can’t wait to do it again!

October 17, 2019

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