10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

I thought it would be fun to share a few things about Logan and I that most people don’t know. Pretty pictures are great, but we want you know us as more than just photographers! So, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about us.

We grew up 6 miles apart but didn’t meet until high school

Have you ever heard of Gore, Va? Unless you’ve lived there you probably haven’t. It’s a tiny town in a few miles outside of Winchester down route 50. It’s full of beautiful mountain views and nothing to do. It’s such a small town that it’s surprising that we didn’t know each other. We didn’t meet until highschool when he started sitting at my lunch table.

We have almost nothing in common

Logan loves Sci-Fi. I love HGTV and Food Network shows. Logan loves video gaming and cycling. I love reading, cooking and quiet morning walks. Outside of our mutual love for food, family and a cup of good coffee, we have almost nothing in common. We don’t really mind though because we enjoy being together, so when the next Justice League movies comes out, you can bet I’ll be sitting right there beside him.

We really want a tiny house

We are obsessed with tiny houses! We are both drawn to minimalism and enjoy living a simple life. We don’t currently live in a tiny house but we adopt a lot of those principles. Once the kids are grown, our dream is to travel in a mobile tiny house!

We weren’t always photographers

I’ve have always loved photography as a creative outlet but have degree in nursing. I worked for five years as a registered nurse before I decided to make photography a full time career, and for us it was the best decision ever! Logan works during the week as the manager of Blue Ridge Bicycles, a local bicycle shop in Winchester. He joins me for sessions in the evenings and weekends.

We could probably win the Greatest Race

We tag team everything. Parenting, all the laundry that comes with a family of five, our photography business. People often tell us that we work together like a well oiled machine.

We didn’t name our kids together

I spent hours pouring over baby name books and blogs. Picking baby names was way too stressful for me so when Logan chose our kid’s names it was a relief! If I had to name the kids on my own they probably would have been named Echo, Eston and Pepper.

We have an obsession with Xero Shoes

When the sun finally thaws everything out in spring, you can bet we are sporting our Xero Shoes. We both have several pair of sandals and get so excited when they release a new style. If you’re into minimalist shoes (ie. most comfy shoes ever), you’ll love them!

We’ve lived in Middletown, VA for almost 8 years

We love our little town! It’s quiet, family friendly and so charming. The park is a quick walk down the street, not to mention the great BBQ and ice cream places that are just a few minutes away. Middletown has a great Fourth of July celebration, an amazing fireworks display included. We even have a small town Christmas Parade!

We are foodies

We can’t think of a better way to spend a day than cooking together or checking out the best local cuisine. We have the best conversations over a cup a great coffee or our favorite Mexican restaurant!

We moved our wedding date because we just couldn’t wait

Why wait to be married in June 9, 2011 when October 9, 2010 works just as well? Our small beach wedding was perfect for us.

So there you have it. Ten things you probably didn’t know about us. Unless you’re one of our moms (hi mom!).

July 26, 2018