One of the Weirdest Questions I’ve Ever Been Asked

In 2006 my mom and I were really into scrapbooking. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of a weird hobby to have as a teenager but I loved that it gave my mom and I something fun to do together. Sometimes we would get together with her co-workers and scrapbook together. It was a mess of photos, paper scraps and lots of good food.

One day my mom and I were hanging out with her co-workers at a scrapbooking party and she went full on bragging mom about what a great teenager I was (moms can be so embarrassing!). One of her coworkers had a teenage son that went to my highschool but I didn’t know who he was. His name was Logan and apparently he was awesome.

As she was talking about her son, she looked at me and asking jokingly, “Will you date my son?”

Cricket. Cricket.

My mom’s co-worker was trying to hook me up with her son. I didn’t know what to say so I just laughed it off.

Fast forward a few weeks later to a cute boy who had just started sitting at my lunch table. He was confident, handsome and made me laugh. A lot. He definitely caught my attention, especially when he was kind enough to help me with my history homework. And come to find out, his mom was my mom’s coworker. You know, the one who asked me to date her son. We definitely had a good laugh about that.

We dated all through high school and got married at the end of my fourth year in college. I never thought at the ripe old age of sixteen that everything would work out so beautifully. Sometimes the weirdest questions lead to the best things ever.

July 25, 2018