Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend! | Chicago IL Elopement

I don’t EVER blog twice in one day so you know it’s a special day if I’m posting twice! This time last year my best friend married her one true love and I realized I never blogged their images! These images are SO special to me, and you’d never know I felt like I was dying behind the scenes. I remember laying on Michael’s floor with a horrible stomach ache before we left and praying I didn’t throw up on the drive to North Ave Beach. It was worth every minute of sickness, cold and wind to photograph these moments though!

Looking at these photos was like reliving this day all over again. It was such a fun COLD day. Everything came together so beautiful, and so uniquely them, right down to the bouquet! I remember driving to North Ave Beach feeling super emotional and sentimental; I prayed for so long that Michael would find someone special enough for her. You see, Michael my person. She’s my soul friend. The one I can not see in person for a year and still feeling more connected to than people I see on a daily basis. She’s the most strong willed, giant-hearted, hilarious, strangest person I’ve ever met (not to mention her perfect hair!). It takes a really spectacular human to balance her perfection. Fernando is that guy. He’s sweet, gentle, resilient and just… the perfect balance. My heart is overwhelmed knowing she is loved unconditionally. So today I’m finally sharing my favorite images and wishing them many more years of love!

That bouquet. THOSE SHOES.

November 21, 2019

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