Top 5 Tips for Photographing Happy Kids

Its family picture day! You’ve spent hours picking out the perfect outfits, the kids are bathed and everyone looks amazing! You arrive at your photo session your child freaks out. They were happy in the car but suddenly they’re falling apart and want no part of family photos. Does this sound familiar?

First of all, breathe! Don’t panic! And most of all, don’t get mad! It’s our goal to ensure that every child has a positive experience taking photos. Thankfully, in our years of experience we’ve learned some handy tips and tricks to get those sweet smiles to come out almost every time.

Tip #1  The basics

Have you ever been so hungry and tired that you just couldn’t be reasoned with? We call it “hang-zausted” in our house! Our very best tip is to feed your child really well before photos. It might be temping to go grab dinner after photos, but trust us, everyone will be happier if you can fill up their food tank beforehand! If they are nappers, make sure they get a good nap beforehand. Car naps do not count! There’s nothing worse than waking up from a car nap, disoriented and being followed by a strangers with a camera.

Tip #2  Tag, you’re it

Make it fun and embrace whatever happens! Sometimes we get a session started by twirling like princesses or playing games! Sometimes we even talk about who has the stinkiest feet (spoiler alert, it’s usually Daddy!). Embrace the chaos. Tickle fights, ring around the rosie and games of tag. They might not be your traditional “smile for the camera” posed portrait (don’t worry, we try to take some of those too!), the natural smiles are sure to be your favorite.

Tip #3 Patience is a virtue

Be patient. As a parents of three, we’ve learned that patience is sometimes the best course of action. Instead of getting frustrated and upset, we simply move on to taking photos of just Mom and Dad or other siblings. Sometimes when they feel like they’re missing out on all the fun they’ll happily join in all by themselves!

#4 Time’s up

Set a timer. Sometimes making a fun game of beating the timer is a great way to get the kids involved.

Tip #5  We all scream for ice cream

Promise a reward at the end. Maybe it’s a sticker, a trip to the playground, or ice cream! Whatever you choose, talk it up and make it an exciting reward for taking photos!

There you have our top five tips for helping family photos to go smoothly! If you’d like to schedule a family photo session, please contact us today!

July 30, 2018